7th chords

The 7th Chord (also known as dominant 7th) adds another tone to the major triad chord. As the name implies, the added tone is 7 steps from the root (following the scale).  These chords are also called dominant chords, and they are especially common in blues.

Dominant 7 chords

Dominant 7 chords with sharp or flat root

C#7 / Db7

  • C#7 chord diagram

D#7 / Eb7

  • D#7 chord diagram

F#7 / Gb7

  • F#7 chord diagram

G#7 / Ab7

  • G#7 chord diagram

A#7 / Bb7

  • A#7 chord diagram


Above you can see the chord names on top. The x letters and numbers indicate that the string shouldn't be played alternatively on which frets. These chords are not to be confused with the maj7 and m7 chords.

Chord construction

C7  x - C - E - Bb - C - E
C#7  x - C# - F - B - C# - x
D7  x - x - D - A - C - F#
D#7  x - D# - G - C# - D - x
E7  E - B - D - G# - B - E
F7  F - C - Eb - A - C - F
F#7  x - x - F# - A# - C# - E
G7  G - B - D - G - B - F
G#7  x - x - G# - D# - F# - C
A7  X - A - E - G - C# - E
A#7  x - x - A# - F - G# - D
B7  x - B - D# - A - B - F#
Guitar versions of the chord

Notes in chord

C7  C - E - G - Bb
C#7 C# - F - G# - B
D7  D - F# - A - C
D#7 D# - G - A# - C#
E7  E - G# - B - D
F7  F - A - C - Eb
F#7 F# - A# - C# - E
G7  G - B - D - F
G#7 G# - C - D# - F#
A7  A - C# - E - G
A#7 A# - D - F - G#
B7  B - D# - F# - A
The intervals are 1 – 3 – 5 – b7


Suggestions of chord sequences that includes dominant sevenths with sharps or flats:


A - C#7 - D


D - F#7 - G

Barre chord shapes

The chord illustrated above is open chords (except the F7), but they could of course also be played as barre chords. The shapes for dominant 7th barre chords looks like this:

7th chords barre

The diagram to the left depicts an E-shape barre chord for dominant 7th and the diagram to the right depicts an A-shape barre chord (the lowest string should not be played) in the same chord group. They are movable.

Movable shape with root on sixth string

This is an alternative way to play the dominant seventh chord. The shape is movable with the root note on the lowest string. One way to play it is by alternating thumb on the lowest string and when pluck the rest of the string with the fingers. Bass walks are of course possible and are useful in blues.

In jazz arrangements is often the tone on the b-string omitted.

7th chord barre

Movable shape with root on fifth string

This is another alternative way to play the dominant seventh chord. Once again is the shape movable and this time is the root note on the A-string.

7th chord moveable

Movable shapes with root on fourth string

And last, here are two movable alternatives with the root on the D-string (the fourth).

7th chord moveable

This is also a popular choice, but notice that this is a voicing. The root note is on the G-string (third string).

7th chords barre

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