Gm chord

G minor chord for guitar in different forms, both open and barre chords.
More Gm chord categories: Gm7


  • Gm chord diagram

Gm barre 1st

  • Gm barre chord diagram

Gm barre 2nd

  • Gm barre chord diagram

Try in a chord progression

Gm - Bb - Ab - Eb

Finger position (Gm chord)

Index (1st) finger on 3rd and 2nd and 1st (thinnest) strings, 3rd fret.

Theory of the Gm chord

The notes that an Gm chord consists of is G, Bb, D.
To get Gm7 add F.
To get Gm6 add E.


1st inversion: Gm/Bb (means that Bb is the bass note).
2nd inversion: Gm/D (means that D is the bass note).
Diagrams of these inversions

Written in tab format

- 3 -
- 3 -
- 3 -
- 0 -
- - -
- - -

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