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Chord note structure

Cm7 and Cm6 are played in open positions and could be called closed chord. The reason they are still included are because they are the best alternatives besides barre chords.

Here's information about which notes each chord consists of and also without duplicates. Note that you sometimes are strumming more strings than the numbers of the notes of the chord you are playing, this is because some notes are played twice (or trice in rare occasions), but in different octaves.

Chord construction

C x - C - E - G - C - E
Cm x - C - Eb - G - x - x
Cmaj7 x- C - E - G - B - E
C7 x - C - E - Bb - C - E
C6 E - C - E - G - C - G
Guitar versions of the chord

Notes in chord

C C – E – G
Cm C – Eb – G
Cmaj7 C – E – G – B
C7 C – E – G – Bb
C6 C – E – G – A
Guitar versions of the chord

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